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Morning Illinois Environmental Law News Update: 7/25/13

* An updated, $50 million blueprint for keeping bighead and silver carp from reaching the Great Lakes calls for a new section to be added to the electric fish barrier in the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, construction of a mobile electric device that can be dragged behind a boat to herd fish away from places where they do not belong, and rebuilding a ditch berm to support a chain-link fence in a marshy area near Fort Wayne, Indiana.  [Chicago Sun-Times]

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* U.S. EPA adds more than 130 chemicals to its Safer Chemical Ingredients List, which “serves as a resource for manufacturers interested in making safer products; health and environmental advocates seeking to encourage the use of safer chemicals; and consumers seeking information on the ingredients in safer chemical products.”  [U.S. EPA Press Release]

* U.S. EPA releases the National Stormwater Calculator, which “can estimate the amount of runoff and inform decisions about how to reduce runoff.  The Calculator is a tool that can help developers, urban planners, landscapers, and other professionals determine what green infrastructure elements could best reduce the runoff.”  [U.S. EPA Press Release 2]

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