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Illinois Town Settles State Enforcement Action Alleging Clean Water Act Violations

The Illinois Town of Cortland recently filed documents in the Illinois Pollution Control Board settling a state enforcement action, People v. Town of Cortland, PCB No. 11-67, which involved the town’s wastewater spray irrigation fields and rigs located east of the town.  The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency received citizen complaints about the town’s spray irrigation system, including that the irrigation system was spraying wastewater directly onto an adjacent field and road for between 30 and 60 minutes.  The town’s Water Pollution Control Permit does not allow for wastewater to be sprayed on land other than the permitted spray fields.  At the point of the discharge onto the road, there is a roadside stormwater ditch that drains to Union Ditch # 1, which is a tributary to the Kishwaukee River.

The State alleged that the town violated the Illinois Environmental Protection Act and environmental regulations, including the water pollution prohibition, failure to comply with a state operating permit, and the creation of a water pollution hazard.  The town did not affirmative admit the allegations of the State’s complaint; however, the town agreed to a settlement payment of a $3,000 penalty plus an agreement to cease and desist from further violations.

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