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  • Enforcement Actions: How Are Civil Penalties Calculated?

    Posted by on December 14, 2011
    I am often asked by owners and executives of manufacturers and other companies to calculate the amount of penalty that their organization will face as a result of an environmental violation.  Often, there is a maximum penalty provided by statute, and then statutes, regulations, case law, and/or policy guidance help determine how the penalty actually will be calculated. A good example of...
  • Public Comment Period Extended for Proposed PCB Disposal Cell at Clinton Landfill

    Posted by on July 3, 2011
    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced an extension of the public comment period for a proposed PCB disposal cell at the Clinton Landfill in Clinton, Illinois, until August 14th.  The public comment period had originally been scheduled to close on June 15th.  According to a story in the Chicago Tribune, "Residents have opposed the plan because the disposal area is above an underg...

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