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City Settles State Enforcement Action Alleging Water Pollution Violations Due to Sewer Overflows

The Illinois Pollution Control Board recently accepted the parties’ stipulation and proposed settlement in People v. City of Colchester, Case No. PCB 11-20, which concerned Colchester’s sewage treatment plant and overflows that occurred at Colchester’s Bishop Street, Cole Street, and North Street lift stations in association with a 2.5-inch rainfall.  The city is located approximately seven miles west of Macomb in McDonough County, Illinois.

The State alleged that the city violated the Illinois Environmental Protection Act by (1) causing, threatening, or allowing the discharge of contaminants into the environment so as to cause or tend to cause water pollution; (2) depositing contaminants upon the land so as to create a water pollution hazard; (3) causing or allowing the Cole Street Lift Station to overflow; (4) causing, threatening, or allowing the discharge of contaminants into waters of the State in violation of the NPDES permit; (5) failing to construct and operate the treatment works so as to minimize violations of applicable standards during contingencies; and (6) failing to take reasonable measures to prevent the spillage of contaminants from causing water pollution.

Under the terms of the settlement, the city admits the alleged violations and agrees to pay a civil penalty of $5,346 and complete specified improvements.

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