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IEPA Refers Property Owner to Attorney General for Enforcement for Alleged Improper Management of Waste Tires

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency has asked the Illinois Attorney General’s Office to file an enforcement action against the owner of property located along State Highway 50, near Bourbonnais, Illinois.  IEPA alleges that the property owner improperly and unsafely managed waste tires onsite.

According to IEPA, an inspection was done “in response to a reported break in an 8-inch petroleum pipeline.  The Illinois EPA inspector observed that the break was likely caused during the excavation of a large volume of soil, which was apparently being dug to bury tires and other wastes.  Buckeye representatives installed a metal clamp around the damaged area of the pipe to stop the release, obtained a vacuum truck to recover released product, and took other precautionary measures to prevent contamination of a nearby creek.”

IEPA requests that the Attorney General’s Office seek a court order “direct[ing] Lemna and anyone acting on his behalf to cease all activities on-site, including the continued storage of used or waste tires on-site, moving any of the tires and other wastes on-site and any excavation.  The Illinois EPA feels that an Order is necessary so that site conditions do not worsen to a point where a cost effective remedy becomes excessive.  The Order should also allow the Illinois EPA access to the site to respond to the petroleum release and to remove and properly dispose of all waste, including the used or waste tires.  According to Illinois EPA staff, site conditions create a substantial risk to human health and require immediate action.”

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