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Illinois EPA Announces Cleanup of Illegal Dump Site

On December 16, 2009, the Illinois EPA announced a plan to cleanup an illegal dump site located at 140 Kohl Street, Creve Coeur, Tazewell County, Illinois.

Illinois EPA “will clean up approximately 200 cubic yards of used and waste tires, white goods, vehicles, general construction or demolition debris, and general household refuse” at the property.

“While all illegally dumped waste presents an environmental and safety problem, improperly disposed tires provide a breeding habitat for the type of mosquito that is the primary carrier of the West Nile Virus.  The Illinois EPA’s Used Tire Program removes waste tires and other materials that provide mosquito habitat.  The Agency’s I-RID (Illinois Removes Illegal Dumps) Program facilitates the removal of waste at orphan dump sites, which prevents future dumping on public and private properties.”

The cleanup is expected to be completed by mid-January 2010.

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