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IL Pollution Control Board Accepts Settlement of Action Against Construction Company for Open Dumping

On February 4, 2010, the Illinois Pollution Control Board accepted the settlement of an administrative citation action filed by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency against Blickhan Family Corporation, Inc. and Blick’s Construction Co. Inc. in Illinois Environmental Protection Agency v. The Blickhan Family Corporation, IPCB No. AC 09-43.

The Illinois EPA alleged that the defendants violated the Illinois Environmental Protection Act by causing or allowing the open dumping of waste in a manner resulting in litter, open burning, and the deposition of general or clean construction or demolition debris.  These allegations concerned the defendants’ facility located at Lock and Dam Road in Quincy, Adams County, Illinois.

Under the terms of the settlement, the defendants admit that they violated the Illinois Environmental Protection Act by causing or allowing the open dumping of waste resulting in open burning, and they agree to pay the statutory civil penalty of $1,500 for this violation.  The settlement further states that the waste that was the subject of the administrative citation has been removed and properly disposed.  In addition, the Illinois EPA agrees not to refer the violations that are the subject of the administrative citation to the Office of the Illinois Attorney General or any other prosecuting authority to initiate a civil enforcement action.

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