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Parties Settle Noise Pollution Case Dealing With Auto/Truck Repair Facility

The Illinois Pollution Control Board recently accepted the parties’ stipulation and proposed settlement in Morrissey v. Pahios, Case No. PCB 09-10, which concerned the defendants’ “auto/truck repair, 24 hour towing service and police impound facility” located at 1320 Ensell Road in Lake Zurich, Lake County, Illinois.  Plaintiffs allege that the defendants violated Illinois environmental laws by causing noise to be emitted from twenty-four hour vehicle towing, truck and auto repair activities, a ventilation system, and diesel engine idling.

Under the terms of the parties’ proposal for settlement, defendants must: “(1) restrict their noise generating operations to the inside of the building with the rear (north) bay doors completely closed when high audible impact wrenches, air hammers or other large noise making tools are used, (2) restrict the loading and unloading of all towed vehicles that are in a drivable condition to an area on the property (south and/or west of the building) where the Alpine Automotive building shields the residential homes from noise; and (3) maintain the wooden fence and barrier surrounding the ventilation/exhaust fan.”

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