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Proposed Legislation Would Ban Perc in Drycleaning

Under a bill proposed by Representative Julie Hamos (HB6115), the State of Illinois would phase out and ultimately ban the use of perchloroethylene (“perc”) in drycleaning.  The bill would mandate as follows:

1) Beginning January 1, 2011, no person shall install a drycleaning machine that uses perchloroethylene.

2) Beginning January 1, 2013, no person shall use perchloroethylene in drycleaning that is conducted in (i) a building that contains a residence or (ii) a facility that shares a common wall, floor, or ceiling with a residence.

3) Beginning January 1, 2013, no person shall use a drycleaning machine that uses perchloroethylene if the machine is 15 years old or older based on its date of manufacture.

4) Beginning January 1, 2026, no person shall use perchloroethylene in drycleaning.

The bill would impose taxes on perc and require the tax money to be deposited into a grant account to be used, subject to certain limitations, to establish a demonstration program to showcase green solvent drycleaning technologies and provide grants to encourage a transition to use of those technologies.

According to U.S. EPA, perc has been linked to neurological, liver, and kidney problems in humans.

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