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IEPA Investigates Former Toastmaster Site in Algonquin

According to a recent article in the Chicago Tribune and an Illinois EPA fact sheet, IEPA is investigating soil and groundwater contamination east of the former Toastmaster property at 401 Washington St. in Algonquin, bordered by the Prairie Trail bike path to the west and south, Towne Park to the north, and Route 31 to the east.  The property was historically used for the production of such items as irons, shell casings during wartime, and appliances.

The site had initially been investigated as part of due diligence by the Illinois Department of Transportation, which was looking to purchase the property in preparation for the Western Bypass, a road construction project to alleviate congestion at the intersection of Routes 31 and 62 in Algonquin.

According to IEPA, soil and groundwater testing at the site revealed the presence of elevated levels of volatile organic compounds (“VOCs”), heavy metals, and other organic compounds.  Further investigation revealed that contamination had migrated offsite to the east of the Toastmaster site.

At this time, IEPA believes that “no health risk has been identified.”  However, the agency will continue its investigation in December 2009 and early 2010.  “The purpose of the continued study is to determine whether a potential for the migration of vapors from groundwater through soil and into basements or crawl spaces exists.”

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