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Smart Home at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry

Over the weekend, my family visited the Smart Home at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry.  The Smart Home is almost twice as energy efficient as an ENERGY STAR home.  It features alternative energy sources via a wind turbine and photovoltaic film (the newest in solar energy technology) on the roof, and is designed around five eco-principles: smart design, material efficiency, energy efficiency, water efficiency, and healthy environment.

I’ve uploaded video on my YouTube channel and some photographs on my Facebook page.  Unfortunately, videotaping and photographs were not allowed inside the Smart Home.  However, we had a great tour guide (named Jeremiah), who did a wonderful job showing us the features of the home and answering any questions that we had.  The museum also provided us with an “Exhibit Resource Guide” that tells the story of the Smart Home and lists all of the products in the home.  The best part of the tour was seeing all of the choices for energy efficiency that can easily translate to my own home.  I definitely recommend that you check out this exhibit the next time you are at the museum.

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