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Smart Grid Bill Passes Illinois Legislature, May Be Vetoed by Governor

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, the Illinois General Assembly passed a bill containing Commonwealth Edison’s proposal to install a “smart grid” that customers would help pay for. 

Under the plan, “the utility would install new smart meters that could cut down on the practice of sending out estimated bills that many people get one month only to get hammered with an outsized catch-up bill later.  Customers also could choose to lower their bills by running dishwashers and other appliances during off-peak periods, such as at night rather than on a hot Chicago summer afternoon.”  The smart grid, “in theory, would allow the company to pinpoint outages more quickly.”

Although ComEd estimates that an average customer would have to spend an extra $3 a month for 10 years, ComEd also believes that “the energy efficiencies of so-called smart-grid technology could help consumers save money.”

The bill now goes to the desk of Governor Quinn, who has vowed to veto the measure. 

For more information on ComEd’s smart grid initiative, please click here.

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