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U.S. EPA to Use Poison to Fight Asian Carp

According to a story by the Associated Press, U.S. EPA will use a poison called rotenone in the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal to repel Asian carp.  The poison will be used when an electric barrier is taken down for maintenance.

U.S. EPA will “use non-lethal electric shock to catch and move as many sport fish as possible before the rotenone is released.”  An antidote will be applied to neutralize the rotenone and limit the spread of the poison.

The threat of Asian carp to the Great Lakes is severe, according to U.S. EPA:

“Asian Carp are a significant threat to the Great Lakes because they are large, extremely prolific, and consume vast amounts of food.  They can weigh up to 100 pounds, and can grow to a length of more than four feet.  They are well-suited to the climate of the Great Lakes region, which is similar to their native Asian habitats.

Researchers expect that Asian carp would disrupt the food chain that supports the native fish of the Great Lakes.  Due to their large size, ravenous appetites, and rapid rate of reproduction, these fish could pose a significant risk to the Great Lakes Ecosystem.  Eventually, they could become a dominant species in the Great Lakes.”

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