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Asian Carp DNA Found Along Chicago River

According to a story in the Chicago Tribune, Asian carp DNA has been found along the Chicago River:

“The DNA — but no live fish — was found in three different spots along the Chicago River near the Wilmette pumping station north of Chicago, said Major Gen. John Peabody with the [U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’] Great Lakes and Ohio River division. The sample was taken in October, and the Corps received the results Thursday.”

This finding has renewed “fears that the fish have breached an electrical barrier meant to keep them from reaching the Great Lakes and destroying its multi-billion-dollar fishing industry.”  Environmental groups claim that this finding supports their call for the closing of canal locks that lead into Lake Michigan.  However, the Obama administration does not support closing the locks.  In fact, “Solicitor General Elena Kagan told the Supreme Court environmental DNA, or ‘eDNA,’ testing was experimental science.  Discovery of genetic material from carp doesn’t necessarily mean the fish were there, she said.”

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