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ComEd Beginning to Install Smart Meters

According to ComEd’s website and a recent article in the Chicago Tribune, ComEd is beginning to install smart meters this month on homes and businesses in several suburbs, including Bellwood, Berwyn, Broadview, Forest Park, Hillside, Maywood, Melrose Park, Oak Park and River Forest.

This follows the news that Naperville received a grant to install smart meters in that city.  ComEd sees the smart meters as a building block in the overall plan for a “smart grid”:

“Imagine an electrical distribution system so smart that it ‘heals’ itself and never requires customers to call ComEd to report an outage; one that sends a message to your cell phone alerting you of the restoration of power while you are out at dinner; one that employs the most advanced technology to dramatically reduce the number of outages and a communication-and information-rich system that empowers customers with real-time data that lets them make the smartest, most cost-effective energy decisions.

“Long-term, AMI meters will automatically notify ComEd of power outages and restorations, without requiring customers to call us. They can give customers real-time data about their energy use so they can make smart usage decisions. Customer Service Representatives also can more easily resolve bill questions, meter problems and other concerns because they are able to access customers’ meters in real-time. That means customers no longer have to wait for customer service representatives to dispatch a technician to assess a problem.

“These advanced meters will transform the industry and open a world of choice to customers, enabling information-based decisions about energy usage to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy bills and cut greenhouse gas emissions.”

ComEd’s website also includes a nice video on the new smart meters.

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