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$242 Million for Energy Efficiency for Illinois Homes

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that $242 million will be available to Illinois homeowners through the Illinois Home Weatherization Assistance Program. Weatherization efforts “include insulating attics or walls, repairing windows and doors, weather-stripping and caulking.”

The money for this program came from the federal stimulus package. As a result, eligibility for the program is determined by family size and household income in accordance with federal guidelines. The program’s goal “is to serve those households that have the lowest incomes, together with the highest energy burdens. Income, eligible households with high heating bills, in relation to income, and those containing elderly members (60 and over) with a disability or young children (5 years of age or below) will be given priority and weatherization services first.”

To apply for the program, you should contact the appropriate agency provider in your area. Please click here for a list of agency providers.

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