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Asian Carp Bill Offered In the U.S. House of Representatives

Today, Representative Dave Camp (R-Michigan) offered an amendment to the House budget bill that would have closed locks to prevent infiltration of the Asian carp into the Great Lakes.

Four representatives from Illinois, including Judy Biggert, a Republican, and Danny Davis, a Democrat, all spoke to oppose the amendment.  The basic arguments against the amendment were three-fold: (1) closing the locks would be a job killer and hurt the economy, (2) closing the locks may not keep Asian carp out of the Great Lakes, and (3) other methods, such as the electric barriers, should be tried first before going to the extreme step of closing the locks.  Rep. Camp argued that there is no time to be patient–the locks should be closed immediately.

On a voice vote, the Asian carp amendment to the budget bill was rejected.  Although a recorded vote was requested, further proceedings were tabled under the House rules.

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