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100,000 Pounds of Fish Collected, But No Asian Carp Found in Latest Fishkill Operation

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources recently reported that its latest fishkill operation did not turn up any Asian carp.  This is part of the research operation to prevent the carp from entering the Great Lakes.

Biologists applied “the fish toxicant Rotenone to a more than two-mile stretch of the waterway at T.J. O’Brien Lock and Dam as a part of ongoing Asian carp sampling efforts by the Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee (RCC).  The length and location of the application and fish removal area was chosen to maximize the opportunity to capture Asian carp by including a variety of habitats along a substantial length of river channel that has had a high frequency of positive eDNA detections.  In addition to the Rotenone action, simultaneous electrofishing and commercial netting will take place between the downstream block net and Acme Bend.”

The results: “[O]ver 100,000 pounds of fish [were collected] during the week-long operation.  Over 40 species of fish were collected, though no Bighead or Silver Asian carp were found.”

A similar operation was conducted in December 2009.  That effort “yielded one Bighead carp caught just above the Lockport Lock and Powerhouse approximately six miles downstream of the electric barrier.  No Asian carp have been found above the electric barrier to date.”

Please click here and here for the full IDNR press releases concerning the latest round of sampling.

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