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Illinois EPA Announces Agreement with U.S. Steel to Install Air Pollution Control Equipment

According to an Illinois Environmental Protection Agency press release, the Illinois EPA recently entered into a memorandum of agreement with U.S. Steel, the only integrated steel manufacturing facility in Illinois, to take steps to reduce air pollution emissions.  U.S. Steel is located in Granite City, IL.

Specifically, “the agreement means that U. S. Steel will significantly boost their capture and control of air emissions at the plant by:

• Installing particulate matter emissions capture and control equipment to reduce particulate matter emissions;

• Meeting tighter particulate matter emission limits on operations throughout the steelmaking process;

• Performing enhanced monitoring for particulate matter emissions, including the installation, operation and maintenance of monitoring devices; and

• Performing other emissions reduction projects, including the installation of equipment designed to increase capture of emissions and the evaluation of adding additional emissions capture and control equipment.”

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