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Permit Granted for Coal to Synthetic Natural Gas Facility

According to a story in the Chicago Tribune, Power Holdings of Illinois LLC received an air pollution permit from Illinois EPA to construct a facility that would convert coal into synthetic natural gas.  The facility would be located in southern Illinois, near Waltonville.  Power Holdings describes the conversion process as follows:

“A gasifer is a closed vessel where coal slurry (coal turned to powder and mixed with water) is combined with nearly pure oxygen.  The gasifier operates at a very high pressure (1000 psi) and high temperature ( 2500 degrees F).  Almost all the coal is turned into a gas with a small percentage leaving the bottom of the gasifier in the form of a glass like material that can be used in road bed construction and concrete production.  The gas that leaves the gasifiers is cleaned of impurities (particulates, sulfur and mercury) and converted into synthetic natural gas, which is the same as the natural gas used in homes.  As part of the gas clean‐up processes, high pressure steam is produced which is used to generate sufficient electric power to operate the entire Facility.”
Power Holdings expects that construction could begin next summer or fall and take about three years.

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