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Deal Exempts Steamships on Great Lakes From Air Pollution Requirements

According to this story from the Associated Press, a deal struck in Congress will “effectively exempt 13 ships that haul iron ore, coal and other freight on the Great Lakes from a proposed federal rule meant to reduce air pollution.”

The rule was designed “to reduce emissions of airborne contaminants blamed for smog, acid rain, respiratory ailments and possibly cancer. Large ships are leading producers of nitrogen and sulfur oxides and tiny contaminated particles that foul the air near ports and coastlines and hundreds of miles inland.”  According to the Lake Carriers’ Association, without the exemption, the rule would ground 13 steamships while forcing 13 others to use fuel 70% more expensive than currently in use.

According to this article from the Associated Press today, the exemption was included in a stopgap spending measure passed by Congress to avoid shutting down most federal agencies.

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