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$33,000 Penalty to Settle Air Pollution Enforcement Action Relating to Asbestos

On October 28, 2009, the Illinois Attorney General and the owner of a building in Collinsville, Illinois entered into a settlement to resolve an air pollution enforcement action filed with the Illinois Pollution Control Board.

In People v. Chippewa Loft, LLC, No. 07-68, the Illinois Attorney General alleged that the owner removed approximately 3,700 square feet of asbestos-containing floor tile during a renovation of the building.  The Attorney General also alleged that the owner chipped and crushed the floor tile and disposed of it in two open dumpsters in the rear of the facility.  An inspector from the Illinois EPA observed a substantial amount of debris within, and on the ground adjacent to, the two dumpsters.

The Attorney General alleged that the owner violated the National Emissions Standards for Asbestos and State air pollution laws, because the owner did not provide written notification to the Illinois EPA prior to commencement of the renovation activities.  Also, the owner failed to appropriately store and dispose of the asbestos-containing floor tile.  Furthermore, the owner failed to pay a notification fee required by state statute.

In the settlement, the owner admitted the violations alleged by the Attorney General and agreed to pay a $33,000 penalty.  The owner also agreed to pay $12,000 to help fund an upgrade of the water disinfection system for the City of Collinsville.

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